Cover of 'Static' by Will MacGregor

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Kira is out of money and time. She’s offered a lifeline but she’ll have to go in deeper than she ever has before she can escape.

The future is now: the Chinese economic bubble has burst, the Japanese have aged beyond relevance, and the Korean peninsula has taken the East Asian economic centre-stage. The brutal Korean mafia control most of the legitimate and illegitimate businesses, including pachinko: the wildly-popular Japanese hybrid of pinball and slot machine.

Corporate console-jockey Spencer has an insider’s plan to stiff the mob in their own house, but he needs someone up for the challenge; with her cybernetic prosthetics, street-operator Kira is practically made for the job.

Luckily for Spencer, she’s out of options and reluctantly agrees to his terms. But as the heist gets underway, Spencer’s carefully made plans begin to unravel.

Can Kira outwit her increasingly-unhinged partner-in-crime and outsmart the merciless Korean mafia?

Static is a 15 000 word speculative-fiction thriller novella, and was released for Kindle and Kindle Reader on 12 April, 2020.

Read Now on Amazon Kindle, Kindle Reader & Kindle Unlimited

Reader Reviews

“MacGregor’s dialogue and depiction of sights, sounds, and smells are on point. They make the characters and the world around them leap to life. The scenery is dizzying. The hostile tension between Spencer and Kira is palpable. The stakes are nail-bitingly high.Static’ is a robust, highly imaginative, and colorfully gritty cyberpunk offering.
Tonya R Moore (@spaceagemermaid)

5 stars — Echoing cyberpunk at its height of popularity in the 80s, this work builds a world of “high-tech, low-life” without the trappings of the era behind it. Carefully crafted.
Made In DNA (@millisbrent)

True to genre without being obtuse about it.”

“The twist was on point. I did not see it coming, and I’m almost never surprised.”

Read Now on Amazon Kindle, Kindle Reader & Kindle Unlimited