Why I Don’t Blog

I once blogged frequently. I am of the generation that first inhabited Geocities, then moved onto Tripod for the luxurious amount of free data offered. Later I moved to Blogger, but found LiveJournal to be just too alluring with it’s primitive ‘news feed’ – an audience of like-minded journal-writing-types. It became a long-term addiction.

I once archived everything I wrote on LiveJournal, right before I began my teaching career in public high schools. I then deleted the account, wiping a good 5 years of my digital life from the face of the Internet. In my hubris I thought there might be a book in the hundreds of thousands of words I’d written.

There wasn’t.

There was a ridiculous amount of shamefully self-absorbed ‘pining’ and bemoaning my pitiful love life. In retrospect, had I been less ‘introspective’ (read: head up my own arse) I might have been more romantically successful at the time.

However I try to temper the hot flush of shame when I think of the garbage I spent years writing, I do take it as evidence that on most days I’m clearly capable of banging out 500 to 1000 words at a minimum.

So that’s what I try to do now, only putting those words towards a completed work, whether it be a short, a long short, a short long, a novella or possibly even a novel.

Take that as a caveat and mea culpa as to why this blog isn’t updated as frequently as Australian politicians seem to turn over their Prime Ministers.